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Satellite Air/Oil Cylinder

The Pneumohydraulic Unit with Separate Working Cylinder

The TOX®-Powerpackage X-KT-System is a compact hydro-pneumatic unit. This satellite air over oil cylinder is used in applications where a small working cylinder is required due to lack of space. The system consists of the pneumohydraulic intensifier X-ES and separate working cylinders. Up to six working cylinders can be connected to one single intensifier.


There are a variety of possible combinations for the X-KT unit, depending on the forces, cycle time, and available dimensions your application requires:

  • Use the X-AT + X-ES combination when high approach and retract forces, as well as fast approach speeds, are required.
  • Use the HZL + X-ES combination when a short cylinder and a cost-effective solution are needed.


The TOX®-X-KT system is delivered pre-filled with oil. The components are separated for shipping but are ready for quick and easy installation. For this purpose, the hydraulic cylinders are equipped with hydraulic hoses and TOX®-Hydrosplit coupling.


Please contact us to select the best combination for your application.

TOX®-Powerpackage System X-KT with HZL hydraulic cylinder
Press force: 23 - 770 kN
Total stroke: 50 - 200 mm

The compact drive system in hydraulic version: up to six hydraulic cylinders HZL can be combined with one intensifier X-ES. The major advantages are the compact dimensions, the complete separation of air and oil as well as the attractive price. Any power stroke can be realized.

Features of the X-KT system with HZL:

  • Fixed stop in forward stroke.
  • Patented power bypass for oil system  protection.
  • Provided with control throttle X.
  • Optional control units such as pressure regulation in the powerstroke line, external switch-on of the powerstroke or external powerstroke release available.

Optional features:

  • Stroke monitoring.
  • Integrated linear position sensor.
TOX®-Powerpackage System X-KT with X-AT working cylinder
Press force: 21 - 1700 kN
Total stroke: 100 - 400 mm

This X-KT system consists of the intensifier X-ES and up to six pneumohydraulic working cylinders X-AT. The system features high approach and retract forces for short cycle times. Any power stroke can be realised.

Features of the X-KT system with X-AT

  • Ready for stroke monitoring up to design size 030.
  • Ready for external linear position sensor up to design size 030.
  • Fixed stop with elastomer damping in forward stroke.
  • Patented hydraulic end position damping for return stroke and patented power bypass for oil system  protection.
  • Provided with control throttle X.
  • Optional control units such as pressure regulation in the powerstroke line, external switch-on of the powerstroke or external powerstroke release available.


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